4 Steps to Changing your Email Address for both eLearning and GGU

Step 1 To change your official email address please log into GGU4YOU

Step 2 Once logged into GGU4YOU select the “Profile” link near the top left corner of the page.

Step 3 Within the Profile area it is essential to change your email in two places. The first place is at the top in the “General Profile” area. The second, and most important place to update your email is lower on that same page in th “HR Profile” area. See the screenshot below for more information.

Step 4 After you've made the change in GGU4YOU (Intranet) please wait for 36 hours for the change to be synchronized to the eLearning site. Please notify eLearning at elearninghelp@ggu.edu if you don't see that your email address has changed. eLearning cannot make the revision until the change is reflected in the GGU4YOU database.

Thank you for keeping your email up-to-date!